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Castle Approach

Data Security is paramount when considering an outsourcing solution. At ARDEM we understand our role as a temporary repository for your data and we take this responsibility seriously. Routed in ISO27001, Our defense in depth systems address security at multiple levels- employee, physical and the network.  Utilizing VPNs, SSLs, PGP encryptions are standard practice in keeping your data secure.

Accuracy is King

Accuracy is King

No matter the solution, an accurate process is essential to success. Our platform solutions build in double key entry along with compare quality checks, validation routines and data verification checks to assure you the highest accuracy of data. Dashboards are utilized to monitor data quality. Self-learning tools are utilized to continuously build the data knowledge library.

Bottleneck No More

100% On Time Delivery Guaranteed. You need it quick, fast, yesterday. We understand short cycle times are crucial for your success. Once we have an idea of your business goals, we build a solution customized to your needs, and a proof of concept to follow. We become a part of your team right from the start. You will always have an open line of communication with your ARDEM project manager, with no fear of time zone differences.

The World is Flat

The World is Flat

Take advantage of our global reach. Our solutions team brings the sharpest minds to develop the right outsourcing solution for your need. Our teams of qualified analysts have the knowledge and the experience to perform your work accurately and efficiently. Our data processing center operates 24 hours daily allowing us to shorten processing TATs and always hit deadlines.

Demand Better Data.

In-House Model


Avg. Per Month

• Poor quality: <65% accuracy
• Long processing time
• Management headaches
• High processing costs

Ardem Solution


Avg. Per Month

• Increased data quality: 99.97% accuracy
• Fast turnaround / 3-shift operation
• Streamlined work processes
• High ROI

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