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Case Studies
» Case Study Engineering Company
A Manufacturing company in New Jersey had engineering drawings on Mylar and blueprints that they wanted to share with their supplier base. ARDEM scanned all drawings to PDF format and indexed the drawings so they could be easily retrieved.
A federal government agency required the conversion of C size, D size, E size and F size drawings to editable AutoCAD. ARDEM scanned the drawings and using both raster to vector conversion software and drafting services converted the paper drawings to scanned drawings and ultimately to AutoCAD drawings.
An engineering consultant had red-lined as-built paper drawings. Requirement was to create the final drawings in Microstation format. ARDEM scanned the large format drawings and created the final set of drawings in Microstation format.
A manufacturing company in Pennsylvania had engineering drawings on Aperture Cards. ARDEM converted Aperture Cards to digital PDF drawings and further converted the drawings to editable AutoCAD format.
A wealth of engineering data exists on large format engineering and manufacturing drawings. This information can be on paper, on microfilm, on Aperture cards, on microfiche. ARDEM can provide scan conversion services and where required CAD conversion services to help our clients.
About ARDEM Incorporated
ARDEM provides technology based services including data entry services, data capture services, forms processing, document scanning and document processing services.
Applications for ARDEM services include: Medical Record scanning, Medical Claims processing, Data Entry from vendor invoices, Data Entry from Surveys, Document Scanning for both Active and Archival requirements.
ARDEM clients include government agencies, insurance companies, healthcare providers, engineering and manufacturing companies, retail, and other commercial businesses across United States.
ARDEM provides large format scanning services and document scanning services to clients in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.
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