Pharmaceutical Industries Trust Outsourcing the Back End Process

By September 19, 2017Data Entry Services, Outsourcing

Accountability plays a significant role in health care as it places responsibility for any process or procedure made based on the information of the patient. Accuracy of data from sample testing allows for proper and effective identification and treatment to be administered. In order to reduce incidents and minimize impact of errors, sample management ensures both quality and accuracy when working with patient data.

Patient information can be found in various forms and documents; this can make it difficult to keep all data organized and stored correctly. Being able to quickly access information on samples and test results can help reduce the time and cost prior to data utilization.

This process of data extraction and management now becomes a challenge requiring both accuracy and reliability in order to be effectively used for data analysis.

Outsourcing Data for Easier Management

“Improving the process of extracting data starts at the entry level; accurate patient data entered from different samples and test results helps reduce time and resources to increase efficiency.”

 David Denton, member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, states that doctors are drowning in data because the management of information has not evolved as quickly as the growth of data itself. Managing samples and patient information can easily become overwhelming when working with various hospitals and laboratories.

The solution? Outsourcing the data entry process to a reliable company so that your company can focus on sample management rather than data extraction and organization. ARDEM helps eliminate the margin of error by working from the ground up to help build a stable data entry process. Accuracy is key when working with data so we help ensure to eliminate incorrect entries or missing information.

Importance of Accountability

Sample management is a process control system to ensure accuracy and reliability of testing often working to maintain proper laboratory procedure. Documentation plays a critical role in sample management as it is necessary to ensure data validation and reconciliation to accurately conduct sample reports.

In an article written for Johns Hopkins Medicine states that roughly 200,000 fatalities occur in a year due to failure in compliance with accountability in the health care industry. Many of these incidents are preventable misfortunes caused by manual errors. Often, these errors start at the lower level such as not having the correct information in a database, or mixing up patient and sample data.

Without proper accountability any process or procedure is set up for failure. Accountability helps define and establish the meaningful goals set in order to achieve, further defining why quality of accuracy is so important. Losing focus on quality brings out the question of how reliable and accountable an organization can be.

How Can ARDEM Assist Your Company

ARDEM works in compliance with HIPPA to ensure that both PII and PHI are protected. Furthermore we work with your company’s standard operating procedures to ensure PDMA compliance. All of the data that is scanned and extracted runs through multiple validation checks to ensure the highest quality of accuracy. Data from different patient forms can be captured on the ARDEM platform allowing for an easier method to search for different topics and keywords.

In addition to configuring the platform for your specific requirements, ARDEM can also interface directly into the client’s systems delivering data in real-time. Our flexible solutions allow us to handle urgent requests, which have a short turnaround time, and daily data entry for your ongoing business requirements. ARDEM holds both accuracy and accountability in the highest regard to deliver the highest quality of data to you. Contact ARDEM to find out more.


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