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Back-Office Support Solutions

Back-Office Outsourcing To Efficiently Transform Your Processes

ARDEM creates a customized Back-Office Outsourcing Team comprised of a dedicated Project Manager and handpicked FTEs who have the experience and industry knowledge to fully transform your current process to boost efficiency, accuracy, and success!

In addition, we provide full IT support and an open line of communication to ensure we will always there to provide full back-office support!

Improving data efficiency

Data Entry Services

Transforming to Increase Efficiency

When accuracy and security matter, ARDEM puts the most skilled data entry operators with deep industry knowledge to provide the most accurate and efficient data entry services.

We implement a sophisticated quality assurance process that utilizes both a programmatic and manual set of checks and balances to ensure the highest of data accuracy.


Document Processing

Improving Your Process Through Technology

Utilizing the ARDEM Technology Platform we take the most time-consuming processes and automate to reduce cycle times and improve productivity for all of your document processing needs.

ARDEM Automation combines the latest in Machine Learning and AI technologies to interpret and run data validation to ensure all fields of data are extracted swiftly and accurately in a fraction of the time it took to complete manually.

data security

Application & Claims Processing

Securely Managing Sensitive Data

ARDEM provides application and claims data processing services to clients across the country. Medical, Auto, & Insurance must be completed quickly, securely, and accurately.

ARDEM has a strict data regulation policy to ensure compliance in a variety of industries. Data Security is addressed at multiple levels, and data is strictly on role-based access to limit risks and maintain a secure network.

Back-Office Outsourcing Teams

Each team is tailored using their experience in each industry. Every team consists of:

A Project Manager

The main point of contact. Their job is to ensure that your project runs smoothly and will communicate between you and your team.

The right number of FTEs

Depending on your scope needs, we will provide the right number of full-time employees. Whether it is 2 FTE or 100 FTE we will provide the scalability to streamline your process.

Full IT support

Outsourcing projects require a bit of IT support to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our IT department has got it covered.


Process automation requires innovative technology. Our dev team is able to help create custom solutions that help streamline your process.

Open Communication

Communication is the key to process outsourcing. At ARDEM, we take pride in becoming a part of your business team. We are always available exactly when you need us.

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ARDEM Technology Platform

With ARDEM Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

ARDEM Capture

ARDEM Workflow

ARDEM Automation

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