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Healthcare and Life Sciences Outsourcing Services by ARDEM

ARDEM provides end to end outsourcing solutions to a variety of clients in the Medical, Legal, and Pharmaceutical sectors.  Medical Records, Insurance Applications, Medical Claims, and even Test Requisition Forms contain sensitive data which must be manipulated.  Often times this data contains PHI/PII which must be processed.  Security and accuracy are at the forefront of each ARDEM contract.  Ask us about our HIPAA compliance and current privacy policies which are in place for this year.

Outsourcing in the Healthcare Industry establishes a streamlined business process to handle large volumes of back-end tasks, in return, you reap the long-term benefits of a reduced overall cost, increased accuracy and efficiency, and a quick turnaround!

Improving data efficiency

Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Entry Services

When structuring an Outsourcing Solution for the healthcare and life sciences industry, accuracy plays a large role in accountability and quality of care.  Outsourcing the data entry process allows you to eliminate the repetitive back-end task, and re-focus your internal resources for core business.

Having high quality and accurate data not only improves your efficiency, but it also gives you a competitive advantage in making strategic decisions for customer and patient satisfaction. Additionally, the accuracy of data eliminates medical data errors and improves risk management.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Document Processing

What happens when you first walk into a doctor’s office? You need to fill out paperwork and provide a lot of sensitive information (PHI/PII).  The Healthcare and Life Sciences often manage large volumes of paperwork to process while lacking time, costs, and resources to efficiently run these processes.

With tightening regulations there is a higher focus on accountability, making accuracy and quality of data crucial. Outsourcing Healthcare Document Processing not only improves quality, it can also be processed in real time, and used to flag for any redundancies or duplicated records.

Medical records, invoices, insurance applications, healthcare claims, sample management, and more can be collected and processed directly into databases to ensure the quickest turnaround.

quick and accurate document imaging and data capture
improving cycle times

Healthcare and Life Sciences Document Conversion Services

Paper is easier to read, carry, and annotate, which is why paper still plays a large role the business world. When it comes to storage and accessibility of data, paper forms and documents are inefficient. Outsourcing Healthcare and Life Sciences Document Conversion Services digitizes documents such as medical claims, medical records, insurance applications, and more.

With OCR technology Healthcare documents can transform into searchable documents for easy access and be converted into any file type. Healthcare Document Conversion Services allows your healthcare document database to be efficient in space, accessibility, and checked for any redundancies or duplicated data entries.

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