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Normalizing data from water usage from all meters


Streamlining energy usage and demand for full visibility


Extracting natural gas consumption and total cost


Aggregating waste collection utility data from various providers


Internet, Cable, Telecommunication, and more


Keep track of your sewage and drainage services

Improving data efficiency

Streamline Your Sustainability Reporting

Transforming Efficiency

Data captured from utility bills are normalized to provide the most accurate historical utility database. With increased visibility, it allows you to quickly compare and identify the best methods to internalize and improve sustainability and conservation goals.

Utility Bill Processing

Improving Your Process Through Automation

Utility Bill Processing comes with a considerable amount of challenges due to the variance between service providers. Combining advanced data capture technology and data entry methodology we streamline your bill processing by increasing accuracy, shortening turnaround time, and reducing costs through ARDEM Automation.

Standardizing Vendor Formats

Thousands of Vendors, One Flat File

Each utility vendor has their own bill format and their own set of metrics that they prefer to outline consumption and usage. ARDEM’s extensive utility database has mapped out thousands of different vendors so that data extraction is quick and accurate.

Utility Bill Management Services

Utility Bill Data Collection, Verification & Validation, Payment & energy Data Analysis are streamlined to improve cost-efficiency and sustainability.  Here at ARDEM, we transform your current process using a combination of automation and methodology for accurate Utility Bill Analysis and Utility Bill Management Services.

Utility Bill Payment is simplified to take the stress out of meeting due dates and avoiding late fees. Our Utility Bill Data Validation ensures that data is accurate and flags any potential errors to boost visibility and shorten cycle time.

What Are the Challenges of Utility Data Collection?

The challenge many utility companies are facing comes from the manual nature of collecting bills and entering them into a system. In order to overcome the challenges of utility data collection, utility solution providers are searching for a more automated solution.

Streamline Utility Bill Management

When multiple facilities are involved, the challenge becomes even greater. This holds especially true for energy management solutions providers that coordinate the utility bills for businesses overseeing a multitude of different buildings, such as real estate developers.

improving processes

Renewable Energy

Aiming for Efficiency

Tracking the use of renewable energy helps contribute towards your sustainability goals and to reduce the cost of utilities. This historical database of renewable energy can be utilized to efficiently reduce utility vendor costs.

ESG Management

Improve Growth and Lower Risks

Achieve efficiency goals by managing the energy conservation efforts for ESG Grade building investments. ESG Compliance leads to higher long-term profitability, lower risks, and a positive investment impact.

utility bill processing case study
utility bill processing services

ARDEM Technology Platform

With ARDEM Technology, we take the brightest minds, advanced technologies, and robust processes to design the best outsourcing solution. We have automated thousands of processes from a wide range of industries to help tackle your in-house challenges.

ARDEM Capture

ARDEM Workflow

ARDEM Automation

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